Core Values

Bothma Construction Core Values

Bothma Construction has remained true to its founding core values of integrity, service and quality. These core values are fundamental to establishing our corporate culture, building a strong sense of teamwork and delivering successful projects for our clients.


Bothma Construction continually reviews company policies and procedures, work processes and final products to continually challenge and improve our capabilities and remain flexible to change. This careful attention to detail and quality assurance is what Bothma Construction enables us to deliver
superior project results on time and within budget.


Bothma Construction, integrity is the foremost standard by which we conduct our business. We believe in and practice fairness, honesty and reliability in all aspects of business. We are honored to have gained the trust of our clients and our community by following these fundamental principles.


Client service begins with effective listening, communication and commitment to every project. The work ethic, professionalism and leadership skills demonstrated by our client-oriented teams are unmatched in the industry. We know that each project is unique and that meeting client requirements is never a static,
one-size-fits-all process.
Bothma Construction exceeds our client expectations by anticipating the environment of any project and targeting innovative solutions that are flexible enough to meet its dynamic needs.

Clients commission Bothma Construction to meet a purpose – which is solving problems, the group sees itself as the solution to clients needs. Our clients are our partners and over time we make them profit, ensure their comfort and in effect make life easier for them.Bothma Construction leverages its people and systems to deliver value to its customers