Completed projects by JJ Bothma

Apartment Buildings

  1. “Blakes Terrace” Apartments, Strand, RSA
  2. “Wavecrest” Apartments, Srand, RSA
  3. “Ocean View” Apartment block, Bloubergstrand, RSA

Shopping & Leisure

  1. Ibadan Mall, Nigeria
  2. Southside Shopping Mall, Strand, RSA
  3. Masonic Convenient Shopping Centre, Welington, RSA
  4. Heritage Mall, Strand, RSA
  5. Shopping all, Gordons Bay, RSA
  6. The Palms Leki Shopping Centre extension, Lagos
  7. Marsh Rose Mall, Grabouw, RSA

Low Cost Housing

  1. Low cost housing developments in George & Knysna, RSA

Prefab Structures

  1. Police stations all over RSA
  2. Compound accommodation facility for 400 persons, at Barry Gold Mine, Kenya
  3. Compound accommodation, Ndola Copper Mine, Zambia


  1. 2000 x pre-fab extension classrooms built in Eastern Cape and Transkei, RSA
  2. Complete new pre-fab School for 1000 scholars in Port Elizabeth, RSA

Hospitals & Laboratories

  1. TB Laboratory extension, Benedict Hospital, Ngoma, Eastern Cape
  2. Extension of two wards to Frere Hospital, East London
  3. Mobile Clinics & Prefab Hospitals all over RSA


  1. Bushclearing, Construction of Platforms for Otta Shopping Centre, Nigeria


  1. Chicken Coops for Eagle Flour Mill, Ibadan, Nigeria


  1. Quoin Rock wine cellar and conferencing, Stellenbosch, RSA
  2. Laborie wine cellar, Paarl, RSA
  3. La Motte Cellar & Tasting Room, Franschhoek, RSA
  4. Belingham Red & White Wine Cellar, Franschhoek, RS

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