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To ensure a successful execution and completion of our projects we are supported by enough and adequate number of equipment, plant, and machineries as well as a reliable fleet of transport which comprises tippers, low beds, tankers, etc…
Our company also has the backups of a professional team of competent engineers, and technicians who have acquired through their long experience in the field, all the necessary tools and skills to handle any project and resolve any problem we may encounter upon the execution of work. They can also
participate and assist in preparing working drawings and designs.
The sound administration of the contracts is equally assured by engaging able financial managers and controllers, who make sure that the projects are properly and sufficiently funded to sustain their progress towards timely completion.
Dams, Water Schemes including and sewage works, Pipe Laying, Flood Control, Dredging, River Channelisation. Bridges, culverts, drains, retaining wall and infrastructures.
Buildings, external works, industrial and shopping complexes, staff quarters, compounds, etc.
We want to assure our clients that once we are given the opportunity to execute any contract regardless of its size, we do not spare any effort to make sure we are delivering an excellent quality job!